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The Top Ten Guidelines for Dog Training in Gold Coast

Despite the well known notion of everyone, dog training is essential for any dog owner. Dog training in Gold Coast is not all about teaching your pet some tricks and turn it into an entertainer. It is all about teaching him that there are guidelines that can aid him act appropriately in any given circumstance. Here are the top ten rules that dog owners have to take into account when coaching their pets:

1. When training your dog, you should exercise firmness. You need to establish yourself as the pack head as dogs tend to think of themselves as part of a pack. So give your commands with authority.

2. Start the training by teaching him a few simple obedience commands such as sit, stay and down. Dogs will be demotivated if you train them with complex commands right away.

3. Stay away from using negative reinforcement in your dog training. So it means that you should avoid shouting, yelling, hitting or anything that may potentially scare or hurt your pet. Rather than that, develop a system where the punishment is no reward.

4. For the best optimum motivation, give a reward that is a favorite of your dog. You will see that they become a lot more obedient when you offer them their favorite.

5. Train your pet during the height of his motivation. What does this imply? A good example would be to train him just prior to his meal time.

6. Timing is vital when giving your rewards. If they are doing good, get them to know that by giving them a praise or food reward no later than half a second.

7. In terms of giving rewards, try not to overdo it. With every correct response, the rewards should be consistent. It is advisable that you give him a tiny treat or praise for every right response.

8. When delivering out your commands, it is best if you keep it short. And avoid needing to repeat yourself. Dog training in Gold Coast is all about turning your commands into an absolute one which they need to follow immediately.

9. End every training period on a positive note. Always compliment your dog about his good job when ending the session, it should keep him encouraged for the next one.

10. Treat every single training session to be a playful activity not only for your pet but for you too. Should you not feel like doing a session, do not continue with it.

Just remember that dog training in Adelaide doesn't just happen overnight. In order to expect impressive results, you should have patience and resolve. Just keep in mind all the ten guidelines that were given to you and you ought to be doing great.

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